Appreniship program 

New Apprentices will be given a full Kit with the necessary supplies/tools, additional
outside training for the State Bored Practical.  The State of Utah requires 2500 hours
Apprenticeship to be completed in order to become a License Stylist and this will be
completed at Ottalaus Salon. 

The premise of the Apprenticeship program is to provide the Apprentice with a
superior education that will provide Apprentice with a head start in building his/her career
at Ottalaus Salon, By working under the direct supervision of the Instructor who is a top
stylist at Ottalaus Salon. Apprentice will have real life experience in the floor of one of Utah’s
premier Ottalaus Salon. Apprentice diligently follows and meets the requirements of the
Apprentice Program, he/she will have a potential full clientele and will be able to graduate
from being a New Artist to a commissioned Ottalaus Salon stylist.