With the months of COVID-19 quarantine, self-care has not been on the forefront of our minds. Work suddenly went remote, which required quite some time to adjust. The luxury of eating out disappeared, forcing some people to cook for the first time in their lives. Schools had kids learn virtually from home, which really meant tending to their needs every second of the day. So, really, by the end of the day, there is no time to fit in self-care at all.

But self-care is just as important as the other tasks at hand. It doesn’t have to be a full half-day of pampering every day, but some act of self-care is necessary for our physical and mental well-being in this uncertain state of the world. Of course, as Ottalaus salon specialists, we pamper ourselves by spreading love to our hair and nails because when you look good, you feel good. Today, we’re giving you exclusive tips on fixing up your quarantine nails. If you’re living with someone, follow these steps and give each other a well-deserved pampering session!


1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

First, make sure to moisturize your hands. We’ve all been repeatedly washing our hands with soap and using hand sanitizer every moment we can get, so it’s no-brainer that our hands are bound to be dried up. Rub some hand cream into those hands to get them soft and moisturized!


close up of right hand painting pink nail polish on left hand


2. Cuticle Oil is Your Best Friend

Next, I’m sure those nails must have grown out quite a bit and the cuticles need a good pushing to be back in tip-top shape. Feel free to cut and buff your nails to whatever length you prefer. But, with the wrong techniques, cutting your own cuticles might actually cause more harm than good because they can easily get infected with bacteria. Instead, apply some cuticle oil onto your fingernails. It not only moisturizes the nail and cuticles, but also makes your nails look and feel healthy.

Pro tip: don’t use too much cuticle oil because your nails can get used to that excessive amount in the future


3. Design to Your Heart’s Desires

Now, your hands and fingernails should be gleaming and glowing with the treatment. You can choose to purchase DIY kits for your nails. But we would recommend you let your natural nails strengthen up for your next visit here at Ottalaus Salon. While we work magic, the magic becomes even more magical when you give us a strong foundation to work from!

By the time you’re reading this, you should be aware that we are open and running for business. You can bring any hair and nail concerns over to us by booking an appointment via phone or online and we’ll work our magic to fix quarantine disasters. Come on down to see your hair and nails revive into their pre-quarantine glory!

But, enough of the shameless self-promo! We know that this pandemic has not made it easy for anyone. We just want to remind you that your physical and mental well-being comes first, and you should invest time in providing self-care for yourself. You got this, love!