If there’s one thing this ongoing pandemic has taught us all, it’s how to be self-sufficient. Everyone has had to change the ways we go about each day, and that includes hair care. One area we’ve noticed a particular spike in interest is at-home men’s haircuts. Partners and friends alike are picking up some shears and getting down to business. While nothing can top a cut from a professionally trained expert, we understand that some of you may be hesitant to venture into public more than absolutely necessary right now. (Rest assured that our salon is taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe when providing our wide variety of salon services.) So, until you’re more comfortable with stopping by our salon in Lehi for the real deal, we wanted to share a few tips to help you give the best at-home men’s haircut in Utah you can.


Guide to Cutting Men’s Hair


  • Section the hair

Just because it’s an at-home ‘do, doesn’t mean you’re going to take all the shape away from a cut. You’ll want to use clips to section the hair based on the various lengths you intend to keep it. (Essentially, keep the hair at the top of the head away from the sides.)


  • Don’t start too short

When you choose the clipper length, start with something a little longer than you might actually want. You can always swap it out and go shorter, but once you cut, there’s no turning back. A longer length will also help account for any mistakes and give you the flexibility to fix it.


  • Get buzzing

Starting from the front, you want to buzz the sides, moving in an upward motion. Once you reach the top of your cut path, flick your wrist up. Continue doing this until you get to the back of the head and both sides meet up.


  • Fade out

Using a shorter attachment, repeat the previous step, except this time, you’ll only want to go about halfway up as high as you did prior. This creates a more natural, blended look.


  • Blend the top

Take out your clips and dampen the hair at the top of the head. Now, it’s time to blend the longer top hair with the sides. This time, use a comb and scissors to trim the hair circling the head (right at the line where you stopped with the clippers).


  • Trim the top

The hard part is done at this point. Now, simply trim the top of the hair to your desired length. Be sure to keep this longer than the hair elsewhere. For the most natural look, hold the scissor parallel to the hair as you’re cutting.


  • Cut the front

The last step is to just give the front hair a little bit of a trim. Simply pull it back and give it a quick snip. Again, it’s always best to go a little longer at first, since you can always trim more if need be.


While we can’t guarantee you’ll be winning any awards for your at-home cuts, they will suffice for the time being. Of course, nothing will ever beat the look you can get from entrusting your hair with one of our qualified and trained professionals, so once you’re ready to get back in the seat for a salon-quality men’s haircut in Utah, we’ll be here to take your call.