Have you ever thought about doing something to give your eyes a little more drama than you can pull off with makeup alone? Something that will draw some extra attention to those steely blues, bold browns, or glittery greens? Perhaps now is the time to consider extending those lashes of yours using our phenomenal salon services. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, but you have questions about what to expect and where to get eyelash extensions in Lehi, Utah, look no further. We have you covered.


Why eyelash extensions?

Mornings are already hectic as it is, and we’re all trying to squeeze in as much sleep as we can, while still looking our best when we walk out the front door. Eyelash extensions simply help remove the unnecessary step of applying fake lashes each day. (And hoping they don’t fall off before lunch.)


How long does it take?

The initial process does take some time. You should expect to be in the salon for about two hours. That being said, the time it saves you in the long run more than makes up for this. After the first visit, you will need to come back every 3–4 weeks for touchups, which take far less time. (Touch-ups are required as your natural lashes shed, taking the extensions along with them.)


What does the process look like?

Whereas at-home lashes involve gluing an entire set of lashes to your eyelids, professional eyelash extensions involve gluing individual extensions to single lashes. This results in a longer-lasting, more natural look. And, if you want an even fuller set, there is the option to glue more than one extension to each lash.

hands using tweezer to apply eyelash extensions


Are there any risks?

As with any procedure involving chemicals — glue is a chemical, after all — there is the risk of an allergic reaction. If you start to feel any burning sensation or discomfort when the application begins, be sure to immediately tell your technician. There are different glue options available and, chances are, one of them will work for you.


Will this damage my natural lashes?

When done properly, by a licensed technician from our experienced team, this procedure will not damage your natural lashes.


Quality eyelash extensions in Lehi, Utah, do exist! Just give us a call at (801) 901-6045 and we’ll set up a consultation and answer any further questions you may have. Trust us: You’re going to love your new look!