Model straightens her long, dark hair with a flat iron.In between salon visits, what are you doing to keep your look as fresh as possible? You may not realize it, but there’s one tool you likely have in your vanity drawer that can give you way more style than you ever thought possible: your flat iron. Believe it or not, this handy little contraption does more than just straighten out curly hair. In fact, it can do the exact opposite. Here, we’ll tell you how to curl your hair using a flat iron … plus, get waves, volume, and more!

1. Curling Your Hair

Yes, you read that right. For this look, all you have to do is wrap two-inch sections of hair around the hot plates of your flat iron. Pull up (or down) at a 90-degree angle and, when you’re done, give each strand an extra twirl with your finger. (This will help to further reinforce the shape.)

2. Add Volume

Begin by sectioning off your hair into manageable segments. Then, starting as close to the roots as possible, run your hair through the straightener toward the ceiling. When you get about halfway through each section, change directions and pull down toward the floor. Curl in slightly as you reach the tips, and there you have it: instant volume.

3. Beach Waves Without the Beach

It’s an absolute cinch to get those effortless beach waves without ever stepping foot on the beach. All you have to do is section off your hair and twist each segment into tight swirls. Once you’ve done that, simply run the flat iron over each segment. Once you release, you’ll have that breezy beachy look.

4. Temporarily Color Your Hair

Bet you never thought you could color your hair with a flat iron. But you can! All you need is a little chalk: hair chalk or soft chalk pastels will do. Just run the chalk over very thin sections of hair until you get the amount of color you’re looking for. When you’re satisfied, run your hair through the flat iron, and your new color is locked in … until your next shampooing.

Just like that, four simple ways to change your look, including how to color your hair using a flat iron. It’s these types of easy tricks that help keep your style looking fresh until the next time you stop by our salon for professional styling.