COVID-19 Quarantine and sheltering at home is tough. From figuring out a new schedule to becoming teachers to being separated from friends and family, it’s a lot to handle! But one thing that doesn’t have to be overwhelming is taking proper care of your hair during this time. Even if your favorite salon in Utah is closed and you haven’t had a touch-up in weeks, you can still maintain healthy, vibrant hair that will be ready for your stylist the minute the doors open. Caring for your hair at home comes down to a few simple things: what products you use and how you use them. 

At Ottalaus, we offer a range of quality products that can help keep your hair in line even when we can’t serve you in the salon. Our proven hair care products for women and men help to keep your hair healthy and manageable during these unusual times. Our lines from Kevin Murphy, Keratase, Hunter 1114, and more offer care options for a variety of hairstyles and types. You can purchase these recommended products online now and in-store once we reopen. 

Taking care of your hair at home involves a lot less work than what you might think. In addition to using quality products, take this time to let your hair rest. If you usually style your hair with heat, give it a break. Nourish your hair with our recommended products and let it repair itself from your typical hair styling routine. Now is a perfect time to try out new, natural hairstyles, too!  While you’re giving your hair a heat break, considering washing it less as well. If you’re an everyday washer, go longer between shampoos. If you’re an infrequent washer who’s been dedicated to dry shampoo, give your hair a break from that, too. Take this time use deep, restorative products that you usually don’t have the time for.

If you have color-treated hair, you may be desperate to get back in the salon chair for a dye! We don’t recommend resorting to a box if you’ve been coming in regularly for color treatments. We do offer a line of root touch up products that you can do yourself at home, so stick to tackling the roots as they come and don’t put something on your hair that we’ll just have to fix later. 

Now is also a great time to let your nails breathe. If you’re used to having a full set of acrylic nails, they may have come off or will very soon. Do deep care treatment on your nails and hands to let them heal before you come back in to get another manicure. Use cuticle oil or Vitamin E oil on the nails and nail beds and keep your hands hydrated. This will help weak nails restore themselves. Also, keep your natural nails short during this time and use a nail hardening treatment. Then, when we’re open again, your nails will be healthy and ready for a beautiful new manicure! If you usually enjoy gel manicures, the same logic applies – hydrate and rehab.

We know these times are new and challenging. We can’t wait to get back behind our chairs and get you looking your best. As a final note, we know that stress can make people do crazy things, but please, you do not need new bangs. We’ll see you soon at Ottalaus!

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