Ottalaus Salon in Lehi is so excited to partner with Proverb’s Jewelry Line. We are the first Utah salon to offer this Jewelry line. Ottalaus Salon is focused on giving back to the community and are always looking for ways to help women become fearless! This Company gives 10% of sale to help women who have been affected by sex crimes. This company could not be a better fit!  Not only do we love giving back to our community and the women who have been affected but the power sayings you can find engraved on the bracelets are empowering.

Proverb offers rings, bracelets, and pendants. With the engraved bracelets there is over 25 power sayings. These bracelets make the perfect gift or something special for yourself to remind you of the strength we each have inside of us. Check out their website for all the available quotes.

Engraved power bracelets partnered with Ottalaus salon

Proverb Bracelets

“Every wound has a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says you survived”

Proverb Jewelry partner with ottalaus salon

Proverb survivor story

Come into Ottalaus Salon in Lehi to pick up these beautiful pieces and know that you have given back to someone who is still healing from the wound they have suffered.

Proverbs necklace pendants pendulum partnered with Ottalaus Salon

Proverbs Pendants